Conservation Area

Ongoing Appraisal of Conservation Areas

The conservation areas in North and Middle Littleton were originally designated in the 1970s.  They are shown by the red dotted line below.

Existing conservation areas

A group of residents worked with Wychavon District Council during 2013 to conduct a formal Appraisal of the conservation areas.  The result is a propsal for a new, larger, single conservation area encompassing the historic areas of both villages, both buildings and land.  You can read the full report here (pdf).  This proposal has been through a public consultation and has now been adopted.

The new conservation area is shown below - click for a larger image.

Development restrictions within Conservation Areas

Ther are some restrictions on development within a conservation area and according to WDC’s guidance, you need special permission for:-:

  • demolition of buildings larger than 115 cubic metres in volume
  • demolition of certain boundary walls
  • additions and alterations to the roof of a house (including dormer windows)
  • cladding of the outside of a house with stone, timber, tiles or any synthetic material
  • installation of satellite dishes on a chimney, on the elevation of a building fronting a highway, or on a building taller than 15 metres
  • extensions greater than 50 cubic metres or 10%, whichever is the greater
  • provision of a building with a cubic content greater than 10 cubic metres

Within these areas you also require permission from Wychavon District Council to demolish certain boundary walls and also to carry out any work on trees.  Wychavon have published a leaflet ‘Conservation Areas - a Guide for Owners and Occupiers

The WDC Policy (ENV12) states:-

  • the siting, position, layout and landscaping of new development proposals should respect traditional street patterns, building lines, existing landscape features including trees and hedges, plot layouts and views into and out of the area;
  • the proportions and design of new development and alterations to existing buildings should respect the context provided by adjacent buildings and the surrounding area. Building materials must be appropriate to the locality;
  • changes of use should preserve or enhance the character or appearance of the area;
  • the development should not involve the demolition of any building or feature that makes a positive contribution to the character or appearance of the area, unless the Council is satisfied that there is an overriding justification for the demolition proposed