Parish Council Minutes



Minutes of parish council meeting held March 21, 2018 at 7pm in the village hall.

Apologies: None

Present: Councillors  C Emms, Mrs B Hopkins,  Mrs J Bayliss, R Heming,  J Haywood, M Burge, I Jones

Mrs M Brighton (clerk)  

2  Parishioners

Open Forum: 

County Council Report –  No report

District council – No report

Declarations of Interest  - None

Minutes: of meeting held February 21, 2018 were agreed and signed.

Littleton Link: Following discussion regarding the future of the Link it was RESOLVED it is to be continued delivering the Littleton Link to every household in North and Middle Littleton parish. Details of this to be discussed in more detail should the situation arise.

Kissing Gate: (Manor Road) This has not yet been repaired. Councillor Haywood to follow this up.

Drains: Old Lane. The excess water on Cleeve Road continues to be a problem with the water crossing Cleeve Road and travelling down School Road. It was RESOLVED Worcestershire County Council to be contacted again.

Excess Water (Fish and Anchor) Following discussion it was RESOLVED to contact Worcestershire County Council regarding the amount of excess water on the bend at the Fish and Anchor.

Lengthsman: Following discussion it was RESOLVED to request the lengthsman to clear all footpaths with priority to the stretch of footpath from the animal sanctuary to the church.

Fire Hydrants (Titheway) This has been dealt with. To be monitored.

New Homes Bonus. The arranged meeting with Wychavon District Council did not take place due to weather. Meeting to be re-arranged.

New Seat The family who placed the seat on the green North Littleton to be approached regarding a possible replacement.

Chain of office (chairman): Chairman to visit widow of Simon Wilkins regarding the return of this.

School Crossing (Blackminster): A request had been received from South Littleton Parish Council for support with regard to a school crossing in Station Road. RESOLVED to inform South Parish Council that this parish council give their support.

Telephone Kiosks (purchase of) Following discussion this to be included on agenda for April meeting.

GDPR – These regulations to be looked into and monitored 

Fly Tipping: (Fish and Anchor) Following discussion regarding the fly tipping in the layby it was RESOLVED to contact Worcestershire County Council.

Road Sign (Fish and Anchor) The road sign on Fish and Anchor bank is leaning. This to be reported to Worcestershire County Council.

Weight Limit: Councillor Adams to be asked if there are any results available regarding the traffic survey carried out.

Verge erosion (Blakes Hill) Following discussion it was RESOLVD to request Worcestershire County Council to inspect and repair the verge on Blakes Hill/Pebworth Road 

Road Closure (through Offenham) It was mentioned that a section of the road from Evesham to the Littletons would be closed for approximately three weeks from April 3.

Bus Shelter (North Littleton) Following discussion it was RESOLVED to inspect the bus shelter in the Spring for any repair work required.


Kanes Foods.  To demolish three houses to form car park.   Survey to be undertaken regarding the presence of bats.

The Cottage, East Side. Extension approved

4 Top Croft. Small  extension  -  approved

Ivy Inn  -  approved


M Brighton (clerk salary)   £497.11 (1505)

HMRC (clerk PAYE)    £124.20 (1506)

Littleton village hall (hire)   £42.00  (1507)

Open Forum

Old Lane (excess water)

Overgrown hedge




Minutes of Annual Parish Meeting held on April 18, 2017 at 7pm in the village hall

Apologies:  Councillors R Lasota, M Burge

Present: Councillors, A Lloyd, M Burge, Mrs J Bayliss R Heming, J Haywood

Mrs M Brighton (clerk)

Councillor A Adams (county)

8 parishioners

Minutes of the meeting held on April 20, 2016 were agreed and signed.

Chairman’s Report   

The year started on a sad note with the continued ill health of the chairman, Simon Wilkins, who passed away in the summer. In his short period as chairman he had thrown himself wholeheartedly into the job and impressed all with his energy and dedication. His particular ‘baby’ was the revamp of the street lights, which with great help from John Smith has now been completed.

By its very nature much of the work of a parish council is mundane and tedious with the same subjects coming up month after month. The following is a list by no means comprehensive of our recurring items.

1 Bees – in the post box at top of School Lane. Despite heroic efforts from the clerk, the bees are still in residence.

2 Bus shelters – The one opposite Kanes has now been completed after about three years – but it does look good. The cross-roads one has been vandalised and we await replacement side.

3 Footpath – between East and West Side, North Littleton. The installation of a chicane at the east Side rumbles on with no one prepared to make a decision.

Defibrillator – thanks to councillor Burge this is now fully up and running and registered with the West Midlands Ambulance Service.

Ivy Inn – The council were very saddened to see the Ivy Inn has closed and duly support the committee that has been formed to look into re-opening.

Planning. The amount of planning applications received seems to have increased at a very rapid rate and this together with a new system on the Wychavon District Council website means much more time is spent trying to get the information off the site before consideration can be given to the application itself.

As I have said before the work of a parish council is mundane and routine and I would like to thank my fellow councillors for their work and support and particularly thanks to our hardworking clerk.

County Council Report – As attached.

District Council Report –No report given

Rights of Way Report – No report given

Play Area Report – No report given

Finance Report – 

Main expenditure for the year had been

Mowing  - cost £3700 of which  £1570 reimbursed by Worcestershire County Council and Rooftop Housing Association. The balance covering the cost of mowing play areas, village greens and village hall. Lengthsman scheme – Costs repaid to the parish by Worcestershire County Council. Village Hall – A grant of £1000 had been paid.   St Nicholas Church – a grant of £500 had been paid. Littleton Link – A contribution of £924.  Insurance - £1533. Church clock maintenance - £500.. Audit - £230.  Website £480

One off payments: New dog bins  £985.  Recognition of Queen’s birthday £130 - £130 also paid by South PC.

Bus shelter repair  covered by insurance. New bus shelter covered by 106 payment.

Street lighting  £37719.52.  grant received £9020.  £28699.52

Income was received from Precept £20,000; VAT Refund; lengthsman scheme; mowing costs re-imbursed by Worcestershire County Council and Rooftop Housing Association.

Received back from village plan £640.