The Area

The villages of North and Middle Littleton are situated on the eastern edge of the Vale of Evesham, approximately 4 miles from the centre of Evesham town.  The Parish, in which they lie, is long and narrow and extends from the banks of the River Avon in the west to Buckle Street in the east.

The most prominent geographical feature is an escarpment of Lower Lias limestone, known as Cleeve Hill, which has produced some very varied landscapes.  To the west there is the flood plain of the River Avon which gives way, as you travel eastwards, to the steep scarp slope of Cleeve Hill.  This is followed by the dip slope leading down to the Littleton Brook and it is in this area that the two villages are situated.  Finally to the east of the villages, there is a shallow saucer-like basin which stretches to the eastern boundary of the Parish.

North Littleton is centred at the bottom of a valley formed by the eastern slope of Cleeve Hill and the western slope of Blake’s Hill.  Littleton Brook runs through the centre of the village. The village is surrounded by fields to all sides many of which are ridge and furrow. To the south, west and north the landscape is largely open with the east being the steep Blake’s Hill. The centre of the village is in the floodplain of Littleton Brook.

Immediately to the south the Middle Littleton settlement is west of Littleton Brook and has open fields to the north, east and south with building and commercial development to the west.